San Bernardino Children and Family Services


The mission of Children and Family Services is to protect endangered children, preserve and strengthen their families, and develop alternative family settings. Services as mandated by law and regulation, will be provided in the least intrusive manner with a family centered focus. This mission is accomplished in collaboration with the family, a wide variety of public and private agencies and members of the community.

Our Values

  • Children have the right to have their basic needs met.
  • Delivery of services shall be competent, consistent, fair, simple, direct, and clear.
  • Children are best raised in a family. Quality services are non-punitive and non-judgmental.
  • All people have a basic right to be treated with respect, honesty and dignity.
  • Services will be delivered with the lowest necessary level of intervention.
  • All people are best served by participating in making decisions that impact their lives.
  • Interactions shall reflect knowledge of and sensitivity to cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • All people have the potential for growth, development, and change.

A Message from the Director

Welcome to our Children and Family Services (CFS) website. Please explore this site to learn more about the mission of our department, the work our staff are committed to and the services we offer to the children and families in our community. We strive to protect the children of San Bernardino County, offer services to assist parents and families, and finally, strive to make the lives of children and families better. We have an ambitious mission that can only be accomplished with the help and partnership of the community, our sister agencies in the county, the many community-based organizations we work with, and you. I am honored that you are taking this time to visit our website and encourage you to get involved with our agency or the many organizations in our community that serve our children and youth. Take a moment to learn about the possible signs of abuse and neglect; learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent; learn more about our community-based Family to Family practices; and learn how child safety and well-being is the responsibility of everyone in San Bernardino County.

Jeany Zapada,
Director of the Children and Family Services